The menopause is not about ‘fixing you’, it’s often about making sense of it and enjoying the journey as hard or odd as that sounds!

Books are perhaps are greatest source of wisdom.

While some of the books below are about exercise and healthy eating. Your mind and your beliefs make up an important part of why you make the choices you do.

If you are an introvert, hsp or INFJ there is now so much information to help us understand our personalities better which in turn, helps us be consistent with our healthy habits. Happy reading!

Simple healthy idea for lunch time which works a treat.
My “go to” books on hormones, food and exercise. I have trained as a ME consultant and this book contains a questionaire which I use as a starting point for all my clients
Great book on menopause and weight gain.
The Pilates bible, says it all really! I trained with BodyControl Pilates and love there books and videos
One of the most comprehensive books on stretching

Love the amount of options in this yoga book, that help make poses accessible to every body!

I love my Fitbit. You can read my reviews on it here
I may be geeky, but I don’t go to the gym without a notepad and pen!
I would be lost in the gym without my Gymboss. It times my workouts and stretches and keeps me on track!
Sleep is the ultimate in hormone balancing. Working out how to get a good nights sleep will help minimise your symptoms
It’s not just about what you eat, it’s how your body is digesting it!
Great book to help you discover what other hormones impact a healthy lifestyle?
This book was such an eye opener on how our belief’s and bias are created. I recommend to clients who want to move forward but often feel stuck.
This book is a lesson a day, Kyle usually does a live version at the start of the year for you to join in.
If you don’t know where to start with mantra’s there are plenty of examples here!
One of the first books on introversion and a great place to start.
Strategies for Highly Sensitive People (HSP).
If you are an INFJ, then Lauren’s books are just for you! Helping you to understand yourself
Got to recommend my own book! I wrote it because I couldn’t find anything on how to work with lowering energy levels and still be healthy.

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