Do you struggle to keep your notes on poses, exercises and sequences organised?

The journal was designed for you! A place for you to sketch your notes, ideas and inspiration all in one place!

Maybe you are inspired in a class or workshop you attended and you want to personalise a pose or sequence and make it work for you or your class.

It’s great for any courses you attend, to write up what you have learned. Not only to find it quickly but as you sketch the images as well as your notes are really clear

This 2-page journal is perfect for:

  • Your ideas
  • Your inspiration
  • Sequences you love
  • Anatomy notes
  • Course notepad
  • Class Planning

This journal is made up of 250 template pages to help make drawing stick figures easier.

The grouping of three lines to help you with proportions. With the bottom line being the floor.

There is a space at the top for you to write your notes

This journal is perfect for organising your classes, and also for when you attend any training

You may not feel very confident sketching, I know I never did, but I also know I’m a visual learner so a picture paints 1000 words for me!

Like everything, practice make perfect!

I didn’t realise when I started working as a Pilates, yoga teacher and Personal Trainer that drawing would make my exercise planning sessions so much easier!