Hello, my name’s Samantha,

My interest in wellbeing and weight loss was sparked in my early 30s when maintaining my weight was suddenly not quite as easy as it was in my 20s. Around the same time close family members were prescribed drugs for high blood pressure and cholesterol problems. I became interested in the concept of ‘eating yourself healthy’ and how lifestyle impacts a person’s health. This curiosity has never left and has evolved to include how we are choosing to age as we get older. #agingwithattitude

In 2006 I trained as Pilates teacher and Personal Trainer, leaving the world of IT behind. While most of my clients successfully lost weight – usually men,  a number did not – usually women.  This was despite the women following exercise programmes and restricting their calorie intake. The “Eat Less and Exercise More” mantra was not working for everyone. I decided to determine the underlying cause by undertaking further training and research.

I trained to become a Metabolic Effect Nutrition Consultant. This training is provided by a US company which combines holistic Medical Doctors and Personal Training qualifications. This course covered hormones and how they impacted the body and weight loss, for women in particular.

Menofitness Training from Australia was next. It was a course about the Menopause and the health and fitness aspects for women as they get older. You can find a list of my qualifications here

This combination of years of experience and courses has become my first book The Menopause Diaries
I wrote it because I struggled to find any practical information on how to adapt to the changes that comes with the menopause. I cannot be the only person that is finding this challenge. Hopefully my book will help other women be as healthy as they can at this time in their life.

coffe and cake

I enjoy the simple pleasures of life, like coffee and cake at the weekend and rediscovered the joys of reading novels after purchasing a Kindle a few years ago.  You can find some of my favourite health books here. While I don’t sit up reading in bed with a torch anymore (need to balance hormones with a good nights sleep!) I still enjoy  a good book. Europe is one of my favourite destinations where I enjoy taking life a bit slower while enjoying good food and wine.

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I enjoy photography and the advances in technology mean that the quality of phone cameras have improved hugely. I don’t need to carry about my heavy SLR as I always have my phone and I now always have a opportunity to capture anything that catches my eye when I am out and about. You can see some of my photographs here on my Instagram feed

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