The Menopause Diaries:

A practical guide to healthy eating

and exercising in your menopausal years

by Samantha Valand

*** Are you going through the menopause at the moment or is it looming?

*** Are you worried about it because you have little or no knowledge about the menopause?

*** Are you scared about being on this journey alone?

*** Want to learn how to make the very best of this change in your life without instantly resorting to doctor’s appointments and medication?

Then keep on reading.

The Menopause Diaries will help you understand how your mind set, hormones, health, exercise and food, impact on your menopausal symptoms. And once you get to grips with this, the idea of going through the menopause may not be half as scary as you think.

You see, the menopause doesn’t have to be all about hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and headaches.

• It’s more about feeding, fuelling and resting your body correctly so that you stay in control of your energy levels.
• It’s about learning why some symptoms occur and helping you find your own way to best cope with them.
• It’s about listening to your body, connecting with it and doing what feels right for you.
• It’s about creating a new, healthier lifestyle that could make your menopause experience more bearable.

By the way, The Menopause Diaries isn’t a cookie cutter approach to handling the menopause, nor is going to relieve all of your symptoms (I am not a doctor). Rather it serves to help you understand what’s going on and how to deal with it in the best way possible; in a way that’s unique to you and your life.


• Women in their 30s, 40s and 50s who are either in the early stages or currently experiencing menopausal symptoms.
• Women who are keen to discover more about the menopause before it begins.
• Women who are interested in nutrition and exercise and the effects it has on their bodies.
• Women who want to educate themselves and create a healthy lifestyle to help handle the effects of the menopause.


Because it’s only when we understand our bodies fully that we can get the best results – whether that’s with controlling our stress levels, handling the energy dips, understanding the hormone changes, dealing with the ups and downs of different exercises, or learning what the best foods are for us during particular stages of our menstrual cycle/menopause.

This book will help you discover a whole new healthy you.

• It’s packed with practical activities (so it’s a great excuse to go and buy a gorgeous new notebook if you need one), designed to help you focus on you, your body, where you’re currently at and the progress you make from beginning to end.
• It’s got a section on exercise during your menopausal years and as an experienced Personal Trainer, who is also going through the menopause, I have a whole range of advice that will benefit you (as long as you action it, of course).
• There are valuable insights into the impact food has on us during this time and what is best to eat and when, in order to feel at your best.
• In the mind set, hormones and health section I share my coaching tools with you so that you can use and develop them for your own journey.
• There are also trackers and planners for you to download which will help you stay focussed and motivated as you progress.
• And I also share details of some of the books that have touched my life alongside some really helpful resources that will help you find out even more once you’ve finished reading the book.