Got a question about exercising in your fifties post menopause?

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While we are all unique, we all have many common problems returning to exercise and fitness after the menopause.

If you are struggling with a problem,  someone else will be too. So let’s all learn from each and get healthy one step at a time!

Questions will be answered with a general ‘it depends..’ and giving examples of various scenarios.

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And any advice?

If you knew then what you know now, what one piece of advice would you give your younger self heading into the menopause?

I will be collating for a blog (or book depending on how many!) and would love to hear your experience and how we can pass this back to the women coming along behind us!

Ask away…

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Samantha Valand is a Pilates teacher, Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer. Who helps women fall in love with exercising again after the menopause. You can find some inspiration over on the blog  Samatha has a free newsletter  and a fun way to sign up is through my 'Exercising and Elements | Post menopause Quiz' which help you figure out what type of fitness goal to set next using Exercising and Elements framework