Love working out at home, but spend most of your time trying to find your favourite videos?

This Best Workout Video Journal provides a fast & simple way to organise your home workout videos.

Instantly find the workout video you want, rather than endless scrolling try to find the ‘perfect’ one for today.

Your journal has space for 60 workout videos. With space for you to personaliseĀ  each work out so you get the most out of it:

  • what do you love about this video?
  • what kit do you need?
  • Is it your morning kick start, evening cooldown, for when you are energetic or feeling meh,
  • what exercises do you tweak because there is a long intro, or your back doesn’t like it,
  • give it your own RPE rating (rate of perceived exertion )

There is a ‘Don’t Forget’ section where you can personalise what you need for each different type of workout. This is instead of a gym bag or yoga kit, having a list of all the things you need so you are not spending your precious time, rummaging around looking for a hair band or a yoga block before you start!

The index system is really simple and has space for:

  • groupings of videos, such as morning workouts, yoga, core etc
  • grouping by time so if you have a quick 15 minutes you know exactly what workout videos you can do

There is a tracker at the end, because I have a tendency to find a workout video I enjoy and keep doing it! but as you know variety is key for workouts too.

Spend your time working out, not searching the web for the one video you want but can’t remember its name!