Struggling with the changes the menopause is having on your lifestyle?

Feeling constantly derailed by tiredness, yukky symptoms or feeling meh!

You know what you need to do to be healthy but you can’t quite put it into practice?

Then this journal is for you!

Things change during the menopause, and it can take a while for your thoughts and feelings to catch up with what is physically happening in your body.

You may have always been a morning person, but at the moment you may feel groggy in the mornings and take a while to get going. Sounds simple enough, but that is quite a big change to how you behave.

Journaling is a fab way to help you process these changes and work through them. Your ability to adapt to these changes in your behaviour is one of the simplest ways to help you reduce menopause symptoms.

Change is never easy, but let’s try to make it easy by getting out of our way! One of the best ways I’ve found to organise my thoughts is to write down 10 things about that topic!

You may have some topics you want to brainstorm, and you can also find some topics on the next few pages if you are looking for some inspiration.

Once you start journaling, you will find your mind-body connection deepen which in turn makes, taking care of yourself at the challenging time easy!

So what are you waiting for?

Change is an inside job so let’s start today!

This journal has 170 pages with ’10 Things..’ covering 2 pages (5 things per page)