My “go to” book when clients are stuck.
Lot’s of aha moments when reading it.

If you don’t know where to start with mantra’s there are plenty of examples here!

The best introduction and explanation of Law of Attraction in a novel.

Fallen angels and a hidden world

An Assassin with a heart of gold-almost!

Historian shenanigans. Just don’t mention time travel!

Strategies for Highly Sensitive People (HSP).

One of the first books on introversion and a great place to start.

My fav book about introverts.

The Pilates bible, says it all really!

A great exercise resource for ageing well

Got to recommend my own book! I wrote it because I couldn’t find anything on how to exercise with lowering energy levels and still be healthy.

My “go to” books on hormones, food and exercise.

Simple idea for lunch time which works a treat.

Dopamine is one of our happy hormones

My favourite book on marketing for INFJ writers

Joanna’s books and blogs are a fab resource for writers

Love this book on creativity and resistance

Witches, vampires, Tudor England, what’s not too love

Love this series of books about books!

Dragons and the order of St George

I just love this description of subtle energy

Fab practical book on raising your vibes

Healing by chakras

What if Anne Boleyn’s son lived….

The original timeslip novel and still the best IMHO!

My fav book about Richard the Lionheart

Do you have upper limits on what you think you can achieve? Great book to help work through them

What happens when you give without expecting anything back?

Creativity in a big business. The story of Pixar

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