Let’s start with an overview of a ‘normal’ menstrual cycle:
◦Your menstrual cycle averages 28 days.
◦The 4 weeks are split in the middle by day 14 which is when you ovulate.
◦Day 1 is when your period starts.
◦The first two weeks are called the follicular phase
◦The second two weeks are called the luteal phase

Most of my planners use ‘Menstrual Cycle Tracker’, it looks like morse code but it is a simple way of identifying where in your cycle you are.

Each dash or – represents a week and | represent day 14

Blogs on Hormones and Hormone Balancing

Stages Of The Menopause

Every woman knows she will be menopausal. However, it always happens when we are way to young to be menopausal and at not a very convenient time. As with many things in life that we do not choose, the only thing left is to choose our attitude towards the...

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Starting To Exercise Again?

The menopause can shake up your exercise routine and not always in a good way. The quotes you used to find motivational don’t make much sense to you now. ‘No pain, no gain’ no thanks ‘Go hard or go home’ yes please I’d rather go home ‘Your workout today will soon be...

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My Favourite Books

My "go to" book when clients are stuck. Lot's of aha moments when reading it. If you don't know where to start with mantra's there are plenty of examples here! The best introduction and explanation of Law of Attraction in a novel. ...

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Holidays and the Menopause

Preparing for holidays Getting ready for holidays can feel like a mammoth task in itself. A never ending to-do list with more adding in that being taken off, or so it feels like. Sometimes it’s work related, but many of the tasks are nice to haves. It’s a good time to...

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Is it time to take your menopause seriously?

The menopause is a phase, and that phase has many phases within. Some you will breeze through barely noticing and others will feel like walking thru mud with wellies on. The truth is we are all busy women, and we often don’t have a lot of time for looking after...

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Why is it so hard to lose weight over 40?

Once upon a time, you were able to skip lunch for a few days and easily fit into your Friday night dress. Why is it so hard now? Well, a lot has probably changed since then. You may have more responsibilities now. If you think back then, it was probably quite a...

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Never Say Never

In the last decade of teaching Pilates I have always said that I would never teach Yoga. So, you won’t be surprised from the title when I say I have booked into a Hatha yoga course! Why now? I have been researching ageing well for the last year and discovered the...

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On…menopause meh

Meh is a menopause symptom that is not often talked about. It would not be classed depression but a lack of oomph and love of life. It is not as high profile as hot flushes and there is limited research into it, but it still a challenging menopausal symptom What can...

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When You HAVE To Change

Change has been on my mind as it has popped up a few times for me recently where I have had to change because of circumstances out with my control. I think it worth looking at how you react around change as it gives us a good heads up around the changes the menopause...

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Carbs And The Menopause

You can become more sensitive to carbs in your menopausal years. Combined with a sensitivity to stress and it easily leads to an expending waistline which is hard to reduce. ‘Eat less, exercise more’ no longer works and often has the opposite effect, or so it seems....

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Samantha Valand is the author of "The Menopause Diaries: A practical guide to healthy eating and exercising in your menopausal years". You can find out more about her book here.