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Sam introduced me to Pilates when she was my Personal Trainer and I enjoyed it so much that I started going to her Pilates Class. That was over 2 years ago and I’m still going! Sam is a lovely thoughtful trainer and although I am in a class I still get individual attention if I need it. Sam keeps her classes small so that she can do this. Sam’s classes are gentle, enjoyable and inspiring and I come away feeling calmer and walking taller – my oasis in a very busy week .

Eleanor B.

End Of Year Reflections

This blog started as a quarterly, then as birthday musings and finally an end of year blog. This perfectly sums up the last 6 months for me. It has been a funny old year; it has not been a bad one. The last 6 month in particular since the August eclipse have had such...

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My Favourite Books in 2017

I love reading; it is one of my favourite pastimes along with learning! Below is a list of the favourite books that I read in 2017. They are in no particular order and a mix of fiction and non-fiction. Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth...

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Preparing for Yoga Teaching Training

My Yoga Teacher Training course is coming up soon. I have never been on a Yoga course but I have attended many fitness courses, so I have a decade’s worth of experience to draw on. And I do love planning and getting organised! Let’s start with the practicalities of...

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Never Say Never

In the last decade of teaching Pilates I have always said that I would never teach Yoga. So, you won’t be surprised from the title when I say I have booked into a Hatha yoga course! Why now? I have been researching ageing well for the last year and discovered the...

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On…menopause meh

Meh is a menopause symptom that is not often talked about. It would not be classed depression but a lack of oomph and love of life. It is not as high profile as hot flushes and there is limited research into it, but it still a challenging menopausal symptom What can...

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