If you are thinking about attending an in-person exercise class again, here are 3 things for you to consider.



Most gyms still have plenty equipment such as mats and blocks to use and sprays available to clean them. But it is definitely a personal preference of whether you take your own mat or use what is provided. Personally, I take my own mat and the equipment I am expecting to use such as bands and blocks. But I have done that for years. I spend £5 a month on gym locker hire and it easily the best investment. Not just having all my own kit available but also to store the wee extras that if you forget can make your gym session uncomfortable – such as spare socks and of course hair bands!
This is the foundational work of exercising, some things you want to be on auto-pilot and somethings you want to consciously create. If you haven’t exercised in a while, perhaps the things that used to be on autopilot you are now having to consciously thing and make decisions about


The Fitness Industry is one of the many industries have been disrupted by the last few years. Many instructors have left the industry and many gym timetables are reduced both due the reduced attendance levels and availability of instructors. Your previous class and/or instructor may not be on your gym timetable anymore.
Also, you may notice that the time of the class no longer suits you. It’s a great time to pay attention to what you currently vibe with if there is a new instructor to you, different style of class etc. What do you want to flow with and what do you want to change?
This has the element of ‘surprise yourself’ and this goes in both directions – ‘oh I didn’t know I liked that’ and ‘I didn’t know I didn’t like that’

Finding Your Edge


If you haven’t attended a class in a while, you won’t know where your ‘exercise edge’ is. When I speak to participants who are new to my Pilates class, their concern is always that they are unfit and they are worried it will be a struggle and they won’t be able to keep up with the rest of the class. Some do and some don’t. But they have a starting point through the experience of taking action. I remind them to listen to their bodies during the class, and when I give exercise options there is a context to why I selected it and not just ‘go hard and go home’

Exercise classes can be an important aspect of your exercising routine for a mix of reasons. If you are starting to exercise again after the menopause, looking at it with fresh eyes and knowing that it may be different to how you previously exericsed

If you are thinking about starting an exercise class again:
1) Think about the practicalities of the class and what you are comfortable with
2) Be open to surprising yourself as many things have changed
3) Use it as an opportunity to figure out where your starting point is through gaining experience of taking action and not just thinking about it

Samantha Valand is a Pilates teacher, Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer. Who helps women fall in love with exercising again after the menopause. You can find some inspiration over on the blog  Samatha has a free newsletter  and a fun way to sign up is through my 'Exercising and Elements | Post menopause Quiz' which help you figure out what type of fitness goal to set next using Exercising and Elements framework