This year I read  77 books.  Not as many as last year, but who’s counting! The vast majority I loved and have listed some of my favourite books below. I love reading about other peoples favourites, so I hope you enjoy mine!

The Land Beyond the Sea by Sharon Penman

I was saving this epic book for holidays as you do, but you know it was 2020! It was bittersweet reading as it was Sharon Penman’s last book.
It was set it Outremer just before Richard the Lionhearts crusade and it was everything I hoped and expected. I reread a few of her other books that were set around this time frame, and was the perfect escapism for the times were are in

She is my favourite historical writer and will miss her postings on Facebook as well as her books

Hope for the Best: Chronicles of St. Mary’s 10 by Jodi Taylor

I was delighted to discover I had three books to read in the St Mary’s Chronicles series. My favourite time travelling historians although I know we are not supposed to call them that! Jodi’s spin offs on the Time Police were enjoyable too.

Threadneedle by Cari Thomas
This was one of my 99p purchases, where I give myself permission to not finish at 20% if I’m not enjoying. It was one of my favourites as I had no idea of where it was going. Had a wee bit of magic but not traditional magic. Hoping there will be a book 2!

The Dragon of New Orleans by Genevieve Jack
This was a new series to me, the joy of finding 9 books already written and you don’t have to wait! Magic, dragons and love always saves the day.


How To Do The Work by Dr Nicole LePera

A ground breaking self-development book, which has a unique view on self-healing.  If you have read and enjoyed The Four Agreements, I would say it’s a good follow-on book

The Unfair Advantage: How You Already Have What It Takes to Succeed by Ash Ali, Hasan Kubba

A great book for entrepreneurs, especially if you have been working for yourself for a number of years. Articulated some of my experiences well and food for thought

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