December is one of the busiest times of the year. Having a daily reminder can really help to support your wellbeing at a time which when there are many lovely indulgences about. Mulled wine and mince pies anyone?

Advent calendar are fabulous for this as our heads will remind us that there is a wee chocolate treat in store. Or your kids or any big kids in your family will remind you. Our heads always remember the treats!

When you open your advent calendar, you want that to trigger you to do something else.

Why is this important in your menopausal years?

Our bodies work hard balancing our hormones in our menopausal years. Unfortunately, what were treats in the past is now hard work for our bodies to process and this can become another stressor for our bodies.

We eat and drink more in December and it is often different foods that what we would normally choose. Sometimes we will not have a choice if we are eating out.

Taking a few minutes during the day to help rebalance can be all that we need to help support and nature our bodies at this time.

Your new habit needs to be simple and here are a few ideas when you open your advent calendar:
• Pop into the kitchen and have an extra glass of water,
• Grab a piece of fruit for mid morning snack,
• Perform a stretch that you know is good for you,
• Switch off phone, internet etc for 5 minutes,
• Ground yourself and plan for your busy day ahead,
• Stretch your legs and go for a 5 minute walk around the block,
• Give gratitude and say thank you for today’s blessings

Keep your new habit as simple as you can. If you are making a commitment to do something every day for the next few weeks it needs to be really easy and not take very long for you to action.

And the wee bit of chocolate? Take your time and enjoy it!

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