Hatha Yoga is a gentle and slow form of yoga which gives powerful results.

Not only does it improve your flexibility, it strengthens your muscles.

This class is a method of age proofing your body, by focusing on poses to improve your balance, strengthen your bones, and balance your hormones. Particularly useful in your menopausal years.

Hatha Yoga helps you to destress and quieten your mind with breathing techniques that are simple and you can easily do them at home.

As I have taught Pilates for over a decade, ways to improve your posture and strengthening your core are also included in the class.

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Menogise: Minimising Menopause Malarkey

Looking around at the fitness classes that are available to me approaching 50, there appears to be a big jump from standard classes to silver surfer classes with not much in between. So, I have created a class that I would like to attend! Menogise is a class for women...

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Yoga and Menopause

I love yoga, but there are also many things that I don’t like about yoga. It is one of the best ways to reduce menopause symptoms but it is not often taught in a way that is sympathetic to 50 year old women!

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3 ways to improve your Downward Dog

This is one of my favorite poses in yoga.Mainly because it is so versatile. It is a deep stretch up the backline of the body and can also be used to strengthen to your upper body.

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3 Ways to Improve Low Back Stiffness

Low back stiffness can occur for many reasons, but it is often because we spend so much time sitting. If you are a desk junkie, here are three simple ways to improve stiffness in your lower back.

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Preparing for Yoga Teaching Training

My Yoga Teacher Training course is coming up soon. I have never been on a Yoga course but I have attended many fitness courses, so I have a decade’s worth of experience to draw on. And I do love planning and getting organised! Let’s start with the practicalities of...

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Never Say Never

In the last decade of teaching Pilates I have always said that I would never teach Yoga. So, you won’t be surprised from the title when I say I have booked into a Hatha yoga course! Why now? I have been researching ageing well for the last year and discovered the...

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