Wednesday 28th April 2021

The gym opened on Monday so today was my first session back this year.

I had a very loose session planned as I wasn’t sure how busy it would be and what kit would be available.

It was a bit busier than I expected but I got a basic weight training session in. I wasn’t being a hero as it was the first one this year and I will have DOMS tomorrow!

I felt massively more flexible (thank you Yin yoga!) except my quads which I only ever notice as tight when I’m exercising!

My Fitbit Charge had been replaced by FitBit Inspire since the last time I was in the gym. I couldn’t figure out how to get the exercise option to switch on, not helped by the fact I didn’t have my reading glasses in the gym, so a bit of research for next time.

I asked on the way out and the studios are available to use so will probably do that next time it’s busy. Which means I need to create two workouts, one in the gym and one circuits based. Both With quad stretches 🙂

Goal: Quarter 2 Back to the gym in May 🙂

•  April – Yin Yoga
•  May – Gym – Starting Again – Weights
•  June – Gym – Starting Again – Weights

• Plan for two workouts – gym session and circuits in studio
• Research and play with FitBit to track exercise


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