I think we have all been through some changes in the last few years. Some things have changed for me and some things have stayed the same

💊 I saw the matrix 4 over the festive break and oh how I’ve missed big screen movies 🍿

🧘‍♀️I came across yin yoga on YouTube when trying to find a Hatha yoga class online and loved it. It has made the biggest difference to my flexibility and also good for my head and a bit of quiet

☕️ espresso, notepad, people watching, my favourite thing to do and I’ve missed it over the last few years.

🧙‍♂️I’m officially Post menopause (12 consecutive months without a period) which has come with its own set of challenges for exercising! My work has changed to reflect this and I’m working more with post menopause women.

♏️ I recently came across Human Design, which is fascinating. It uses your birth date and time similar to astrology, but also includes chakras and i-ching. Has a bigger learning curve but love learning new things

Also, the new year in Human Design starts the end of January. I have never been a Hogmanay person but this feels a good time to start

♨️Last year I came across Amanda Ellis’s energy sprays. I use them in my own Reiki, meditation and journaling sessions. They are also colour therapy so have been learning about that too

🎥 Since September last year I have been using an app called 1SE. It allows you to upload a second of video into a video diary every day. I do it regularly and often miss a few days. But it’s a nice memory jogger of the simple stuff that caught my eye

🏋🏻‍♀️It doesn’t matter what type of exercise I do, Pilates is always my foundation. Precision of movement in yoga, Pilates, running, weight training, always.

What has changed for you recently and what has stayed the same?


Samantha Valand is a Pilates teacher, Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer. Who helps women fall in love with exercising again after the menopause. You can find some inspiration over on the blog  Samatha has a free newsletter  and a fun way to sign up is through my 'Exercising and Elements | Post menopause Quiz' which help you figure out what type of fitness goal to set next using Exercising and Elements framework