Unhurried is a word my Yoga teacher uses which sums up where I’m trying to get to just now!

I am at the tail end of a summer cold. I can’t remember the last time I had one, but it has been fairly stubborn and lot’s of rest has been required and taking life a bit slower.

I find it really hard to do, there is an urgency to pick up the pace and catch up on the days I missed when I was off work. There is a lesson in the body healing in it’s own time and trying not too listen to what my head is yelling : ‘do more’ and what my body is whispering: ‘do less’.

Being unhurried, but still with purpose and with direction.

I am an introvert and I have often been told over the years to do things faster. It is really easy for me to default back to that pattern. As I have gotten older I am appreciating more the gifts of introspection and taking my time to do things in the manner and rhythm that is meaningful to me and not to other people’s agendas.

Unhurried, my word of the moment.

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