The menopause can be a challenging time, and you can often feel like you have lost your ‘happy place’!

Getting to know about the menopause and your menopause can help dramatically improve the quality of your life.

I have gathered together a starting point for you; with just a few blogs on the menopause, food, exercise, balancing hormones and basic self-care to help get you started.

Essentially, it’s taking a step back from an ‘eat less, exercise more’ approach and being into tap back into what your body wants and needs at this time. But also looking ahead to the future and having a ‘healthy for life’ approach.

What is the Menopause?

How long does the menopause last?

Stages of Menopause

What are the stages of the menopause?

Is it time to take your menopause seriously?

Is it time to take your menopause seriously?

Calculate Waist to Hips Ratio

Waist To Hips Measurement

Introvert or Extrovert


6) What’s next?