I have really enjoy the classes. It has been a real luxury to take time out to focus on strengthening, relaxing and tuning into my body. Although the sessions are tailored for horse riders, they are appropriate for anyone. As a result of the classes I am generally more aware of my body. In particular, my posture and core strength is much better and I even feel taller! With Sam’s helpful, calm and consistent instruction, I feel that I finally understand the subtleties and tremendous benefits of pilates for my mental and physical health. Martha G.

I really enjoy the class and Samantha is an excellent Pilates trainer; patient, professional, inclusive and very friendly. She also manages to work with people of all levels of ability in one small class with apparent effortless ease! Barbara M.

I can’t recommend Sam’s classes highly enough. I have attended a number of different Pilates classes and this is the best by far. The personal attention from Sam ensures that each movement is done correctly and there is nowhere to hide in the small classes! The pace of the class is somewhat slower than I was used to but it works the muscle groups in a more controlled, deeper way resulting in more effective exercises. I have noticed a big difference in my core since starting last year. Maire K.

Sam introduced me to Pilates when she was my Personal Trainer and I enjoyed it so much that I started going to her Pilates Class. That was over 2 years ago and I’m still going! Sam is a lovely thoughtful trainer and although I am in a class I still get individual attention if I need it. Sam keeps her classes small so that she can do this. Sam’s classes are gentle, enjoyable and inspiring and I come away feeling calmer and walking taller – my oasis in a very busy week . Eleanor B.

Working as a full-time Nursery Teacher for many years left little time for exercise, and a legacy of back pain and sciatia. Since I retired, Sam’s Pilates class has helped me enormously. I leave her class feeling looser and more relaxed. While still occasionally having niggly back pain, I now have strategies to ease it, and recover more quickly.
Sam initially assesses her clients needs and always checks before each session how everyone is. The class is small and she is able to carefully observe each individual, noticing the minutest detail in muscle movements! This allows her to adapt the programme and individual exercises to provide a very personal session.
And, most of all, she is eternally patient and encouraging. Thank you, Sam – I look forward to Tuesday morning. Morag D.

Having experienced persistent lower back and hip problems, I was keen to strengthen my core muscles and work on the problem areas through Pilates. Sam’s morning classes fitted with my other commitments and her small class sizes mean she can provide a lot of personal attention. I enjoy her classes, as well as finding them beneficial to my overall health and wellbeing. The exercises sometimes seem deceptively simple but, when done correctly, they are very effective. I can feel the difference! Jan M.

Sam has been my personal trainer for 2 1/2 years. I came to Sam as I had significant problems with my hip movement and lower back. I was in considerable pain and had limited movement. After visiting a Chiropractor and an Osteopath they both suggested pilates and core strength work. Sam ascertained my needs and has over the time helped me build my core strength to the point where the muscles in question are now working as they should be. Apart from being the best personal trainer I have ever had, Sam is cogniscent with you as an individual. Every session is based on what she perceives your ability on that day to be. This has enabled me to progress and not undo the work that has been achieved to date. I highly recommend Sam and her work. Beverley T.

Sam introduced me to Pilates and it was an eye opener for me! For probably the first time, I can actually feel when my stomach muscles are working! Sam is patient, thorough, encouraging, professional and always ready with an alternative or modification to a movement. Whenever we had our sessions she focussed 100% on me and my goals and what I wanted to achieve. I believe she cares about her clients. Sam made sure she was aware of any health issues or muscle problems that I had and suggested ways and exercises to improve them for me. Sam knows her stuff and training with her is an absolute pleasure. Kirsty D.

Sam gets fast results for her clients by close observation and careful assessment of their needs and abilities. She is personally atttentive in a full class and when she brings those skills to the 1: 1 situation, there is no hiding place! She persists until a demanding but manageable workout is created and clients are confident and motivated to progress on their own. Don’t be fooled by that quiet graceful manner. There is steely determination underneath which is infectious! Fiona B.

After a number of years of inactivity and good living I received the news of high blood pressure on a medical. The options were: lose weight and more activity to see if that reduced the level, or medication. I chose to try the former (well you would). Without Sam’s can do attitude and motivation I would have fallen away long ago, but Sam helped me achieve the goal of reducing my blood pressure to normal through exercise, change of outlook on life and a healthy but still very fun and enjoyable diet. So much so that I am now off to work as a volunteer at the winter Olympics! Thank you Sam. Andrew H

Sam was my PT for approximately 18 months and our twice-weekly sessions were always enjoyable and varied. Sam clearly thinks about the individual needs of clients and tailors the programme to suit. She is conscientious and courteous and makes the effort to ensure that a workout is fun rather than a chore. Ian T.

Sam was very adaptable around my schedule, and following a knee injury, was able to adapt my programme, and shift the focus. I especially enjoyed her 1:1 Pilates instruction, and it was good value as I was able to do these exercises anywhere. As I travel as lot with my job, and find it hard to stick to a routine, I found this especially valuable. Helen C.

Sam helped me prepare for a 10k race, using a combination of cardio training and Pilates-based strength exercises. Within a month there was a huge improvement in my technique, and I had improved from being able to run for only 10 minutes to one hour without stopping. Amanda P.

I had 6 personal training sessions with Sam. We focussed on Pilates techniques. Sam is a lovely trainer- she is calm and calming but also gently encouraging.I always felt more relaxed at the end of a session and was inspired to do some of the techniques between sessions. Thereafter I attended Sam’s Pilates class which I also enjoyed. Fiona F.

I want to thank you for being easy to train with, always prompt and on time for our sessions and for listening to what I hoped to achieve and then producing a varied programme of exercises to help me achieve my goals and improve my fitness. I would happily recommend you to anyone wanting to book training sessions especially if they want a slight Pilates bias. Norma K.

Sam understood my personal training needs and developed an enjoyable and challenging programme which combined Pilates with weights and floor work to help me achieve my fitness goals. Clare C.