Your invitation:

To draw a line under your menopause so you can move forward

Imagine that now is the time to release what no longer serves you, but taking all the life lessons and grit and resilence from living through the menopause.

This workshop will guide you through exercises and rituals to help you move through post menopause into the rest of your life!

Every women experiences the menopause, but every women exeriences it differently.

The coping behaviours that got you through the menopause are not what you need for the next step. However, post menopause is similar to the peri menopause in the sense, that you may not have been sure when it started. Now you may not be sure that’s it’s ended, as it’s not linear!

But if you are here, you are thinking that it may be over. In the UK, you are considered post menopusal when you have had 12 consecutive months without a period. The average age is 51.

Wherever you are, let’s draw a line under it so that you can move forward with a deliberate step rather than reacting to your menopause symptoms.

If you are looking for a sign, this is it.

If you are waiting for an invition this is it.

It is time let the rest of your life begin