Menopause Meh

Meh is a menopause symptom that is not often talked about.

It would not be classed depression but a lack of oomph and love of life. It is not as high profile as hot flushes and there is limited research into it, but it still a challenging menopausal symptom

What can you do?
Double down on self-care.

The other side of menopausal food craving is a lack of appetite. Nothing appeals and what does is too much effort. This can often lead to not eating healthily. Where you can plan and schedule easy meal. Set alarms to remind you to drink water and to eat Be active, it doesn’t need to be exercise but anything that helps get the blood pumping around will make you feel a wee bit better. Getting out at lunchtime to stretch your legs even if, you do not feel like it.

What do you do to move your mood?

Laughing helps move your mood like nothing else. It is important to have someone you can be silly to have a giggle with. We are lucky to live in times with on demand TV, there is an abundance of comedy shows on demand at our fingertips. I am currently watching The 70s Show which is easy viewing and always makes me chuckle.

Practice gratitude

Always a game changer when you are feeling meh. Not just the biggies of life, but the small stuff of the parking fairy getting you a space, a bit of sunshine or a flower on a grey old day.

Also notice if anything lowers your mood, perhaps your social media feed, the news or a friend who likes to gossip. Try to minimize where you can to help maintain your mood.

You might need a bit more sleep than you think. When you can, aim for a good 8 or 9 hours a night. It is worthwhile keeping a routine when you are feeling meh as it becomes easy to stay up late faffing but harder to get up in the morning!

Double down on self-care and be deliberate with your practices. It is easy to let them fall to the way side, but they do make a big difference to your health, even if they seem too much of an effort. Please use your common sense and see your doctor if you feel you need some support.

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