You are probably quite familiar with the guideline to walk 10,000 steps a day. What isn’t quite as well known is that this adds up to 3,650,000 steps a year

Last year I walked 3,135,749 steps.

Which sounds a lot and it is, but it was also down on the last few years which is expected considering it was 2021!

I found this information on my FitBit as I have had one now for a few years. Perhaps you can find out how many steps you did in the last year too?

Some things that jump out to me about my 3 million steps

  • These were mostly local walks on pavements but It’s a lot of steps if you are wearing the wrong shoes.
  • Any calf stretches were part of my workouts rarely around the times of my walk. Anyone who has had plantar fasciitis (me and most middle-aged women I’ve met!) knows how important it is to both stretch and strengthen their ankle joint
  • The intensity of the walks varied from photography walks which were very stop/start to walking up some of Edinburgh’s steep hills or climbing steps
  • If I average 10,000 steps for 90 mins then 3,135,749 steps would take 313.5 hours

This has been a great example to zoom out on an everyday habit. It is low intensity and therefore easy to dismiss it. However, the high repetitions means that perhaps it needs a bit more attention that I sometimes give it.


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