Is your menopause getting in the way of your exercise routine?

The menopause can shake up your exercise routine and not always in a good way.

The quotes you used to find motivational don’t make much sense to you now.

‘No pain, no gain’ no thanks

‘Go hard or go home’ Yes please I’d rather go home

‘Your workout today will soon be your warm up’ Nope, that’s not happening either


You start exercising again with good intentions but never quite find your groove

You may find you are intermittent rather than consistent.

Your not doing nearly enough to worry about plateauing.

You find you routine is exhausting not energising

Classes you used to enjoyed are really hard work or the time is now inconvenient. Perhaps the instructor has changed or maybe they have changed their style of delivery.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the massive to-do list that being healthy can bring and struggling to put any of it into practice

If you have fallen off the fitness wagon and don’t know where to start.

Balance Hormones

Health in menopausal years

Self care

How does it all fit together?

Joie de Vivre 60 minutes coaching
A one off 60 minutes session to help shift you from being stuck to looking forward with a spring in your step.

You may have a specific topic you want to talk through or just need a fresh pair of eyes looking at what you currently do and what you else you could be doing or perhaps doing something differently. General topics are:

  • Creating an exercise habit
  • What exercises to do
  • Tools to listen to your body

Joie de Vivre coaching costs £100 per hour

When you sign up today, there is a bonus Masterclass ‘What is the Menopause’.
It is available for you to watch for 2 months as often as you want!

I hope you enjoy the bonus webinar and I look forward to speaking with you 🙂

In 2006 I trained as Pilates teacher and Personal Trainer, leaving the world of IT behind. While most of my clients successfully lost weight – usually men, a number did not – usually women. This was despite the women following exercise programmes and restricting their calorie intake. The “Eat Less and Exercise More” mantra was not working for everyone.

This interest lead me to concentrate on attending courses and researching hormones and how they impacted the body and weight loss, for women in particular. And while how we eat and exercise is important, so is our lifestyle and the way we choose to live our lives. Balancing hormones may sound complicated and it can be but simple self-care works wonders for many of us. I would love to help you figure out how you can be healthy too!

Here is one of my clients talking about our coaching sessions:

“Three months ago I was feeling dreadful. I was desperately seeking a fix and swinging from bread to fruit to chocolate to make myself feel better. Within a couple of weeks of following Sam’s advice I was feeling so much better (and looked trimmer) and had more energy. I have learned so much about blood sugar swings and how to manage my body. Increasingly I feel I am in control of my eating regime and that sensible weight loss is happening surely and steadily. My life is a little complicated but Sam is never judgemental and the coaching sessions are keeping me focussed on my long term objective of feeling better and losing weight.” Barbara

Not a doctor!

Please note I work in the fitness industry and I am not a doctor.
None of the information provided is meant to treat or diagnose any medical condition.
If you think you are menopausal please contact your doctor and get some advice that is specific to you and your medical history

How to book a session or package

  • Check time zones to ensure the coaching sessions will happen at a time that is sensible for both of us – I’m in the UK,
  • Download the coaching questionnaire here and start thinking about what it is you want from the sessions,
  • If you have any questions about coaching please get in touch using the contact form
  • read my blogs, book and the about me page to see if you think we will be a good fit

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