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Healthy Eating and the Menopause

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Stages Of The Menopause

Every woman knows she will be menopausal. However, it always happens when we are way to young to be menopausal and at not a very convenient time. As with many things in life that we do not choose, the only thing left is to choose our attitude towards the...

Starting To Exercise Again?

The menopause can shake up your exercise routine and not always in a good way. The quotes you used to find motivational don’t make much sense to you now. ‘No pain, no gain’ no thanks ‘Go hard or go home’ yes please I’d rather go home ‘Your workout today...

New Month New Moves – July 2018

Monthly Moves Inspiration for July Every month, I like to get the books and manuals out to get some inspiration of what exercises or alignments I haven’t taught for a while. It’s easy to stick with old favourites as I’m sure you will appreciate if you are a regular...

Holidays and the Menopause

Preparing for holidays Getting ready for holidays can feel like a mammoth task in itself. A never ending to-do list with more adding in that being taken off, or so it feels like. Sometimes it’s work related, but many of the tasks are nice to haves. It’s a good time to...

Why is Pilates Good For You?

Pilates is a core strengthening exercise programme. However, there is more to Pilates than just abs exercises. Your core is a group of muscles that wrap around your torso like an old-style corset. However it is often better to think of your core being like a tin, with...