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Too Young for Post-Menopause?

I was speaking to a lovely lady last week, and we started chatting about the menopause as you do.
She thought I was too young to be post-menopause. Which sounds like a compliment, but I think we need to normalise the fact that the menopause is not about age.

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9 Reasons to Track Your Exercise Habits

When you are exercising in your fifties, it can feel like starting from at the beginning again.
How you exercised before the menopause is not how you are exercising now
Figuring out what you like and also what likes you! Hormones don’t just switch off and can still cause a bit of mischief

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Plantar Fasciitis and Menopause

Many women complain of Plantar Fasciitis during the menopause. There isn’t a lot of medical evidence as to why it happens apart from the catch all ‘lowering estrogen levels’ Which is a bit frustrating so let’s look at the non-medical ways as how you can avoid Plantar Fasciitis during menopause and beyond.

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Quitting for Success

Quitting is often thought to be a bad thing. But it gives you some fabulous information and insights to help you do it differently and be successful next time around.

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Menopause: Are You Ready?

The menopause is coming, are you ready for it? What can you do to prepare for it? It’s not just the physical symptoms. Mindset is important too!

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Wellbeing Alchemy Monthly Newsletter is a free resource I created because it’s the easiest thing to keep putting off taking care of yourself until next month, when you’ll be feeling better and have more energy.

However, feeling better comes with taking action, however small that is.

It’s one of the most common things I see, sliding one month into the next without any direction.

I have been working in the fitness industry since 2006 and have been focusing on how exercise and self-care helps reduce menopause symptoms.

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About Samantha

Hello, this blog is to help you to 'work out how to workout' in your fifties. If I can help you please get in touch and we can chat about how you improve your fitness post-menopause.

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