Pilates Classes

A refreshing and relaxing workout concentrating on building core-strength, improving posture and balance. It helps to reduce tense muscles by stretching.

  • the class starts with basic Pilates moves to improve body awareness;
  • it will improve your core strength;
  • assist with breathing control;
  • improves posture;
  • corrects muscle imbalances;
  • improves mobility in hips and shoulders and
  • we also work on improving balance & coordination.

Please note the classes are not suitable if you are pregnant or post-natal.
If you have any injuries or an illness can you please get in touch before booking to ensure the class is appropriate for you.

I can’t recommend Sam’s classes highly enough. I have attended a number of different Pilates classes and this is the best by far. The personal attention from Sam ensures that each movement is done correctly and there is nowhere to hide in the small classes! The pace of the class is somewhat slower than I was used to but it works the muscle groups in a more controlled, deeper way resulting in more effective exercises. I have noticed a big difference in my core since starting last year. Maire K.

Small Classes

Fed up with big Pilates classes and not sure if you are doing it right?

Come along to a small class and feel the difference!


Learn the foundations of Pilates exercises and be able to listen to your body and learn how to adapt exercises for your needs


My classes are progressive, which means each 4 week block has a specific focus and new exercises for you to learn.
Pilates has many benefits and goes much deeper than just core strength:

  • Relaxation: the focus on breathing helps to slow the class down and aid relaxation to the body
  • Consistency: classes are easy to adapt for tiredness as well as aches and pains which makes it easier for you to attend regardless of how you are feeling
  • Brain Fit: learning new exercises is a great way to keep the brain fit too
  • Ageing well: Pilates is a method of exercising that you will be able to do as you get older
  • Shape: a toned waistline helps keep your hourglass shape
  • Flexibility: Pilates exercises are design to help improve your flexibility
  • Balance: My classes always include a wee balance exercises which is a beneficial for ageing well

Health History Form

If you are new to the class or returning after more than a years absence, please download and complete the Health History Form and bring it with you to your next class

Class Query

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I have really enjoy the classes. It has been a real luxury to take time out to focus on strengthening, relaxing and tuning into my body. Although the sessions are tailored for horse riders, they are appropriate for anyone. As a result of the classes I am generally more aware of my body. In particular, my posture and core strength is much better and I even feel taller! With Sam’s helpful, calm and consistent instruction, I feel that I finally understand the subtleties and tremendous benefits of pilates for my mental and physical health. Martha G.

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Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

Recommended reading to help you thrive during your menopause. Mindset, hormones, exercise and eating well as have equally important roles at this time

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Hello, this blog is to help you to 'work out how to workout' in your fifties. If I can help you please get in touch and we can chat about how you improve your fitness post-menopause.

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