Push up Like a Girl? Nah, I push up like a middle-aged women warrior

Feeling middle aged and want to develop inner as well as physical strength?

Looking for a way to motivate yourself to exercise post-menopause but ‘go hard or go home’ is not working

The Push up Challenge V5.0 was designed just for you!

There are 3 challenges because exercising is not just about hitting targets (sounds a bit too much like office work!)

It’s not just about push ups although it’s a big part of it obviously.

It’s about the journey and joy of exercising again after the menopause

Challenge 1

Challenge 1 is the Push up Fitness test, quite simply to have something that is a tangible measurement of your progress

Challenge 2

Challenge 2 is the roadmap that helps with the fitness test. 9 upper body weight exercises that become progressively more challenging. Each exercise has an average of 4 variations.

34 exercises for you to methodically work through, taking as long as you need to understand how each exercise feels for you and how fits into your big picture, zoom out exercise routine

Challenge 3

Challenge 3 is a surprise, but I’m sure you will love it!

When you find yourself at the other side of the menopause (yay) but getting back into a regular exercise routine is not as easy as you expected.

You know you need to exercise differently but not really sure how to do that.

I invite you to The Push up Challenge V5.0

Helping you fall in love again after the menopause

Push up like a girl? Nah I push up like a middle-aged women warrior.
The Push up Challenge V5.0 to help you fall back in love with exercise again after the menopause. You can find out more here Not sure? Take the quiz to help you decide, you can find it here, it's free and just takes a few minutes