You can find my current timetable here:
OMH Therapies Wed 14 Nov - Wed 12 Dec
10:15-11:15 Pilates - Beginners
16:30-17:30 Pilates - Beginners
17:35-18:35 Pilates - Improvers
18:45-20:00 Hatha Yoga
Next block starts: Jan 2019

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The classes run in blocks of 4 weeks (mostly!).
60 minute classes cost £40 for the block with an early bird offer of £36.
75 minute classes cost £50 for the block with an early bird offer of £46.

Please note the classes are not suitable if you are pregnant or post-natal.
If you have any injuries or an illness can you please get in touch before booking to ensure the class is appropriate for you.

I really enjoy the class and Samantha is an excellent Pilates trainer; patient, professional, inclusive and very friendly. She also manages to work with people of all levels of ability in one small class with apparent effortless ease!

Barbara M.

A Year of Yoga

This is a year of going deeper into my yoga home practice. Not instagram worthy poses but the neglected poses. The warm ups, transitional and rest poses. The ones that feel awkward and ungainly but I haven’t spent time on working out why. I’m not naturally flexible...

Why is Pilates Good For You?

Pilates is a core strengthening exercise programme. However, there is more to Pilates than just abs exercises. Your core is a group of muscles that wrap around your torso like an old-style corset. However it is often better to think of your core being like a tin, with...

3 ways to improve your Downward Dog

This is one of my favorite poses in yoga. Mainly because it is so versatile. It is a deep stretch up the backline of the body and can also be used to strengthen to your upper body. It can be performed during the warmup part of your yoga practice as well as a stand...

Preparing for Yoga Teaching Training

My Yoga Teacher Training course is coming up soon. I have never been on a Yoga course but I have attended many fitness courses, so I have a decade’s worth of experience to draw on. And I do love planning and getting organised! Let’s start with the practicalities of...

Never Say Never

In the last decade of teaching Pilates I have always said that I would never teach Yoga. So, you won’t be surprised from the title when I say I have booked into a Hatha yoga course! Why now? I have been researching ageing well for the last year and discovered the...

On…Practice Makes Perfect?

Practice only makes perfect if you are practicing perfectly! Pilates classes are one of the few exercise environments outside Personal Training where you will be personally corrected if your alignment is off or you are performing the exercise incorrectly. This is...

Pilates for Wise Women

Looking around at the fitness classes that are available to me at 47, there appears to be a big jump from standard classes to silver surfer classes with not much in between. So I have created a Pilates class that I would like to attend!   Pilates for Wise Women is a...

4 Ways To Improve Your Posture

When we combine sitting for long periods of time with using technology we often do not have the posture we want. People often attend Pilates classes for this, but it is also helpful to do a little everyday to help counteract our lifestyles. 1.Relax your shoulders. It...

Drop in Pilates Classes Versus Blocks

When I am creating my class plans for the block of Pilates classes. I am also creating a class plan for covering drop in classes at gyms for holiday cover. They are similar but have a number of fundamental differences. Both drop in and block class plans will follow a...