‘I just want to feel like my old self again’ The menopause can be a difficult transition. If you are looking for a roadmap to help guide you to make the best changes for you, then I have created ‘Your Menopause 2018 – Lifestyle Planner’ just for you! It is not a traditional planner where you create a massive to-do list for the year. It is a about creating some space for yourself, gaining wisdom throughout the year from your actions. It is learning about yourself and what you need to let go of to make space for whatever you want next.

The Skinny

61 A4 Pages in total

53 pages jammed packed full of information, planners and trackers

– front and back pages – 5 separator pages – 1 index page

5 pages dated for 2019

Start Here Start Here: Health Review Health Measurements Start Here: Health Action Plan Start Here – Reflecting on lessons learned
Part 1-The Menopause The Menopause aka The Change The Menstrual Cycle How does stress affect you? Daily Stress Calculator Menstrual Cycle Tracker – – | – – Annual Planner – 2018 Quarterly planning – Jan to March 2018 Quarterly planning – April to June 2018 Quarterly planning – July to September 2018 Quarterly planning- October to December 2018 PMS TRACKER Date Absent Tracker Start Here – Your Menopause Action Plan
Part 2 – Habits to Balance Hormones Start Here – Self-care Review Habit Accountability Habit Triggers Habit Personalisation Daily Habits Other Menopause Friendly Habits Self-healing Energy – Chakras Selecting a new habit – Using the TE&M tool Habit Trackers Action Plan – habit planning for the year. Weekly Habit Tracker
Part 3 – Carbs and the Menopause Carb sensitivity – Burner Types Glycemic Index Smart Carbs Making adjustments Start Here – Carbs Action Plan Sugar Burner – Daily Food Tracker Mixed Burner – Daily Food Tracker Muscle Burner – Daily Food Tracker
Part 4 – Exercise and the Menopause -Start Here – Activity/Exercise Review -When exercising today I enjoy… -on-negotiable Activities/Exercise Weekly Exercise/Activity Tracker by Exercise Type Monthly Exercise/Activity Tracker Start Here – Exercise/Activity Action
Part 5 – What next? A Year in Progress
This is only available as part of the Wise Women Wellbeing Academy

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