5 Days.

5 Ways.

To feel better in under 5 minutes.

If your self-care to do list feels massive and that you don’t have time to look after yourself, then these 5 minute self-care ideas are perfect for you.


Over the 5 days you will receive a new way each day to help you feel better.

I have designed a 360 degrees approach, so we are looking after you:

  • physically
  • mentally and
  • emotionally

You have everything you need already to take part.

You don’t need to buy anything and you can do all of them in your own home.

You just need 5 minutes a day!

We are starting soon in a closed Facebook group. Which means no one outside the group can see your comments or posts.

During the menopause, you may have noticed that some of your self-care isn’t working the same ways as it used to. This is often because we have to balance our hormones in the first instance If you are feeling stuck, I have a 5 day online programme just for you.

If you are feeling that you are busy being busy and have lost the fine art of how to listen to your body, then taking part in Feel Better in 5 will be just perfect for you.

You quite simply start with an attitude of ‘what happens when I….’

Oh and you also get to do it this alongside a group of like minded women just like you all trying to be as healthy as they can.

I will be there throughout the week for any questions you may have.

What can you expect?
Every day of the 5 days I will introduce you to a new self-care practice.

I will guide you through each one every day, but they are really simple and you will be able to do them on your own in no time.

They are all easily under 5 minutes, but you can take a bit longer if you wish.

What does ‘feel better’ mean.
The menopause can make you feel quite meh, with many symptoms having a knock on affect on your wellbeing habits and your general wellbeing.

Each self-care experiment has been hand picked. Some will help you to feel calmer, to feel less stress and some will help you to feel a bit more energised.

You don’t need anything apart from 5 minutes a day!

Samantha Valand is the founder of Wise Women Wellbeing Academy.

A comprehensive hub of resources on hormone balancing, healthy eating and exercising in your menopausal years and beyond.

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