In the UK we are told that the ‘average’ women needs 2000 calories per day. You however, are not average! Use this calculator to help you work out the number of calories you should consume based on:
  • your weight in kg
  • your activity levels
How many calories you need is obviously related to how active you are. For many of us it will vary on a day to day basis. A fitness tracker such as a Fitbit can be useful to see how your calories needs vary over a week. We are told that our metabolism slows when we get older if we do nothing about it. There is another BMR calculation which also uses your age. However the Harris Benedict BMR does. Click here.

ME-Hormonal Carbohydrates

The Hormonal Carbohydrates calculation is from Metabolic Effect and is a simple way to calculate how carbohydrate dense a product is. We are aiming for as close to zero as you can get, but we all have our own ideal figure which we can only determine...

Waist to Hip ratio (WTH)

<!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --> How much you weigh is usually how you measure how healthy you are. Until you are menopausal and then your waistline expands! It suddenly  comes under  scrutiny. The waist to...

Period Tracker

Let's start with an overview of a 'normal' menstrual cycle: ◦Your menstrual cycle averages 28 days. ◦The 4 weeks are split in the middle by day 14 which is when you ovulate. ◦Day 1 is when your period starts. ◦The first two weeks are called the follicular phase ◦The...

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